Fotogrammetrik has all the professionals, required software and years of practice to offer a wide spectrum of geospatial GIS services, and to take care of your project with speed and quality. Word “impossible” is not in our dictionary and every project is treated with individual care. We provide you with a free test project and our prices are one of the best on the market. Our expertise helps us to match our work to your needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small area or thousands of square kilometers. One type of services or maybe all at once. In every case it will be a challenge for us!

Our services

Digital Terrain Model

  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • DTM from topographic maps
  • visualizations
  • LiDAR

Vector Maps

Vector Map

Vector Map is a vector-based collection of geographic information system (GIS) data about an area at various levels of detail. We offer:

  • digital maps based on stereoscopic data
  • vectorization of orthophotomaps
  • updates of existing maps

3D Models


Our models are prepared with photogrammetrick methods using stereoscopic aerial/satellite imagery or LiDAR analysis on various levels of detail (LoD).

  • DTM
  • orthophoto foundation
  • houses and other buildings
  • roads and rivers
  • forests, parks, etc.
  • single trees
  • building texturing
  • other classes by clients wish
3D data can be used, to create realistic models for following:
  • enviromental resource management
  • spatial planning
  • web applications
  • logistics
  • network planning
  • radioplanning
  • real estate
  • navigation systems
  • emergency management

2D Models


2D models based on orthoimagery input.

  • buildings (optional heights measured with our technology)
  • road network
  • administrative division
  • hydrography
  • address points
  • terrain
  • orthophoto foundation


  • generating orthoimages
  • mosaicing
  • tonal balance



Aerial Laser Scanning (ALS) – measurement method based on laser scanning, that gives a digital cloud of points as a very accurate representation of ground.

  • matching and classification of points
  • generating DEM from ALS data
  • orthophoto
  • 3D modeling



Digital aerial triangulation is a very crucial step in a photogrammetric process, when aerial imagery is coupled with geodesic points.